What is Advanced or Pre-Need Planning?

Advanced planning is taking care of all of your cemetery arrangements well ahead of the time they are needed. Why would you want to do this? There are three very significant and life changing reasons to seriously consider planning your cemetery needs in advance.

  1. It is a financially sound decision to make.
    Cemetery expenditures are subject to the same spiraling increases in costs as are other purchases; by purchasing in advance of actual need, the prices are locked in and families will not be subject to price increases in the future. In many cases, monthly payments can be made out of current income, thereby conserving retirement income and savings accumulated over the years. Additionally you relieve your family the burden of making immediate expenditures at the time of need when it may not be financially advantageous to do so. Insurance payments can take weeks to arrive and generally all cemetery space must be paid for by the time it is used.
  2. Pre planning insures your wishes are carried out.
    Depending on your family circumstances it is a great comfort to know that you will have your final resting place chosen by you in the manner which honors your faith tradition and beliefs. The value for Catholics of being laid to rest in consecrated ground is a true comfort in knowing that your spot will be eternally cared for. Not leaving the decision to your loved ones also relieves them of the fear that they may not be living up to your wishes.
  3. It is the greatest gift that you can leave to your family and loved ones.
    The most important aspect of Advanced Planning is that your family no longer has to deal with making these important and long lasting decisions at a time when they should be focused on celebrating the life of a family member. There are upwards of 60 to 80 decisions that may have to be made at the time of a loss if no pre planning was arranged. By making these decisions in advance you relieve your family of the burden of this decision making process and let them grieve in peace. By pre-planning your cemetery needs now, families experience a greater peace of mind knowing that cemetery alternatives have been selected and that surviving family members will not have to be burdened with choosing the “right” burial alternative in the midst of their grief.

Call and set an appointment with a Family Service Advisor who can guide you through the process of leaving this gift for your family.

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